"It’s not so bad when yer climbing up. It’s the getting stuck bit I don’t much like."
Deshollinador anónimo

Los inviernos en Wissenland son especialmente duros, por no hablar de las exigencias de las forjas, por lo que Nuln hace intensivo uso del carbón traído de Kemperbad y Grissenwald. El uso excesivo atasca las chimeneas con hollín, dando como resultado una creciente demanda de deshollinadores. Un gran número de estos trabajadores son niños, aunque también se usan Halflings y hombres particularmente delgados. Trabajan en los tejados limpiando chimeneas para liberarlas de obstrucciones – generalmente hollín, aunque a veces, cosas más raras.

A Sweep’s LifeEditar

Chimneysweeps, or sweeps as they call themselves, often work in pairs; one feeding the brush into the chimney from the hearth, while his partner shimmies up the chimney cleaning out soot deposits. Human sweeps employ a child apprentice, normally taken from an orphanage at the age of five. Halfling sweeps take it in turns to do the dirty work. Their agility means they can do the job in a far shorter time than a human child, and so are often preferred.

The work is gruelling, with countless hours spent wriggling in sooty darkness. Sweeps often suffer from skin and breathing ailments, and frequently burn themselves while climbing still-hot chimneys. Child apprentices suffer the worst. Their masters takes the lion’s share of the earnings, paying the apprentice with a few scraps of food, small compensation for the risks they face. When an apprentice gets too big to climb up inside the chimneys, he is quickly replaced by a younger boy and left to fend for himself.

Most sweeps travel from town to town looking for work, especially in the summer months, when work may be meagre and a master may force his apprentice to go begging. Some unscrupulous masters encourage their apprentices to sneak into rooms through the fireplace and pilfer objects from the homes they service. If the boy is caught, the master sweep can lay all the blame on him – it is easy enough to replace an arrested apprentice.

Lucky OmensEditar

Among urban folk throughout the Empire, it is generally considered a good omen to meet a sweep first thing in the morning, as ancient superstitions ties soot and ash to rebirth and fertility. This has led to the bizarre ritual of some sweeps hiring themselves out to attend weddings early in the morning to bring good fortune to the union. At the marriage of a poor couple, a sweep can expect a free meal, but at the extravagant weddings of the nobility, he can earn the equivalent of a week’s wages. Sweeps often come to blows to be the first to present themselves to the bride’s father before the wedding starts.

Fuentes Editar

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