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"This reminds me of something interesting that von Halmith wrote, and... Oh! Is that Griffon’s Bane?"
Diletante anónimo

Los diletantes gustan de pensar en si mismos como eruditos, y, en el fondo, pueden pasar como escolares entre la mayoría de la gente; para empezar, pueden leer y escribir. Claro que, tienen una importante carencia de disciplina o pasión como la que tienen los verdaderos eruditos en concentrarse en una tarea y ser realmente hábiles en ella, prefiriendo repartir sus esfuerzos en varias. Muchos diletantes son de origen adinerado; el pobre encuentra que el hambre les hace concentrar su mente maravillosamente.

Un diletante se precia de ser conocedor de un poquito de casi todo, empezando una variedad de proyectos, teniendo una docena de intereses al mismo tiempo. Un diletante es un aficionado profesional – interesado en las artes, el floreciente campo de la ciencia, literatura, religión y virtualmente cualquier otro tema. Al menos, hasta que otro tema capte su atención.


Dilettantes love to mingle with professionals involved to their current pursuits. In particular, they love being members of associations, guilds or clubs that afford a measure of prestige and help justify their interests. Unfortunately for them, most of the prestigious guilds or colleges look down upon dilettantes, who they regard as having none of the discipline and application needed to truly master a subject. Although dilettantes resent this, the charge is normally true.

As a result, many found their own groups, with impressive sounding titles, such as ”The Bernloch Academy of Art, Science and Engineering”. A person with the right background, connections and scholarly pretensions can join one of these groups by paying the often exorbitant entry fee.

Occasionally, someone genuinely talented in some field of study applies to join, and is accepted in order to boost the reputation of the group. The entry fee might even be waived for such a candidate.

The associations are effectively social clubs, although they make a show of having their members present their “research” to the meetings. Scholars who can tolerate poseurs find these associations a relaxing place where scholarship is respected, and just occasionally they hear something very interesting from the other members.

Hieronymus von BernlochEditar

The founder of the recently established Bernloch Academy of Art, Science and Engineering, Hieronymus is a large man in his middle years. He inherited a great deal of money from his father, who was the head of a moderately successful merchant company. A soft upbringing allowed Hieronymus to pursue his many different interests, and over the years he has dabbled in almost every field of study there is.

Unlike many dilettantes, Hieronymus is at least self-aware enough to know that he lacks the application to become an expert on anything. However, he enjoys knowing a bit about everything, from astrology to obscure merchant guild bylaws, and likes being able to talk intelligently with experts on almost any subject. If true experts apply to join his academy, he eagerly supports them, even those expelled from officially sanctioned guilds. His willingness to turn a blind eye to someone’s past has brought some interesting people into the Bernloch Academy. It’s rumoured that there is even a necromancer and an Elven poisoner within its members.


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