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"Oh si, señor, estoy completamente reformado. He aprendido la mi lección, mi señor. Rickard el Honesto, así es como me llamarán de ahora en adelante, alteza."
Ex-convicto anónimo

Las prisiones del Viejo Mundo son brutales submundos dentro de cada reino donde solo los más fuertes y despiadados sobreviven. De los pocos presos que sobreviven a sus sentencias, muchos regresan como criminales todavía más duros que cuando entraron.

Shallya quizá predique con el perdón y las segundas oportunidades, pero la verdad es que el ex-convicto que logra reformarse es observado con la misma sospecha y resentimiento que los que no. Al fin y al cabo, muchos ex-convictos son liberados en un mundo poco receptivo, con pocas oportunidades más que cometer nuevos crímenes, regresar a la prisión y empezar el ciclo de nuevo.

Prisons of the Old WorldEditar

  • Krinkleheim: The Countess Beatrice von Liebwitz von Nuln Academy for the Salvation of Troubled Youth is more widely recognised by the name “Krinkleheim,” after the mansion in which it is located. While hardened criminals and heretics go to the Iron Tower, the delinquent youth of Nuln are given a second chance at Krinkleheim. Boys and girls live in separate wings, and follow a strict curriculum of prayer, instruction and discipline. Escape isn’t difficult, but repeat offenders are sent to the Iron Tower.
  • Leopoldheim: Situated on the western coast of the Southlands is the Imperial Penal Colony of Leopoldheim. Twice yearly, a new shipload of the Empire’s most hardened criminals sets off for the steaming jungle colony. Convicts are branded with the letter “I” and the year of their incarceration, and may not return to the Empire for the duration of their sentence. There are no prison cells or jailers in Leopoldheim. An Imperial garrison is stationed there not to keep prisoners in, but to keep the hostile natives out. If the denizens of the jungle don’t finish off the prisoners, disease will, and life in the colony is a miserable existence.
  • Rijker’s Isle: The fortress prison of Rijker’s Isle is one of Marienburg’s most recognisable landmarks. The massive fortress is both a prison for hardened criminals and a clearing house for Marienburg’s undesirables. Most days, convicts are locked in grubby two-man cells with rotten straw flooring that is changed annually. A company of Tilean mercenaries man the walls with crossbows, but they are rarely employed. Escape from the fortress is theoretically possible, but the cold water and dangerous undercurrents of Marienburg harbour prevent all but the most desperate attempts.
  • The Middenheim Mining Colony and Penitentiary: Just over a day’s ride north from Middenheim is the infamous Mining Colony and Penitentiary bearing the city’s name. The Middenheim Miner’s Guild oversees the administration of the penitentiary, but the day-to-day handling of prisoners is managed by a corps of hardened mercenaries. Convicts can expect gruelling fourteen-hour shifts in cramped and dangerous mines where cave-ins and tunnel collapses are a constant threat. Only the toughest convicts will survive even the briefest stint here.

Escaped Convict Editar

While most prisoners are content to “do their time”, those who cannot bear even the shortest periods of incarceration will try to escape. Escape from an Old World prison is no simple matter, however, and the consequences of recapture are dire. Communication between prisons and the local road wardens ensures that an escaped prisoner’s description will be tucked into every messenger bag and posted on trees and message boards across the province. The authorities will offer lucrative gold rewards for the recapture of notorious escapees, attracting bounty hunters like flies to manure. Players can substitute the Ex-Convict career with Escaped Convict, with the GM’s permission. Escaped Convicts receive the Escape Artist Talent instead of Resistance to Disease, but gain a bounty on their head (the amount is decided by the GM).


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