Long ago, Lord Borak the Despoiler was a mighty champion of Chaos, one of many warlords wying for glory in the eyes of the Chaos gods. When the will of his masters brought Lord Borak south however, it washn't at the head of a world-shattering Chaos incursion, but as captain of the Swords of Chaos, the first true Chaos team 'chossen' by the Chaos gods and made up of his own greatest champions. It was the first such team to run amok through the ordered ranks of NAF competition, and the fans loved it. Later, Borak became a freeboster, selling his prowess to any machinations of the gods...

When a carrer as old as the modem game, and a reputation for on-field brutality and camage as well




  • Spike! The Fantasy Football Journal - Issue 1.