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"If yer wantin’ to catch a Stirpike, you’ll have to give up a finger, ‘cause that’s all what they’ll take for bait. I sure as Taal ain’t givin’ up no more o’ mine!"
Pescador anónimo

No todos en el Viejo Mundo son heroicos aventureros. Muchos habitantes de zonas costeras y ribereñas se ganan la vida pescando. La de Pescador no es una mala vida, la comida abunda... aunque sea siempre pescado.

Los pescadores buscan el tesoro del mar. Las numerosas aldeas costeras de Nordland son el hogar de incontables pescadores. Estas almas sencillas se enfrentan al Mar de las Garras en pequeños barcos, a pesar de la constante amenaza de piratas y saqueadores de Norsca. También hay algunas comunidades pesqueras en tierra firme, junto a lagos y ríos, aunque estas aldeas también se dedican a la agricultura.

Como cabría esperar, los pescadores son gente bastante independiente. Trabajan en pequeños grupos, y una vez en alta mar toman sus propias decisiones. Este espíritu enérgico es una de las razones por las que siempre hay altercados en las tabernas de los muelles.

Pero en los tiempos difíciles, o cuando hace tanto calor que la pesca se pasa antes de llegar al mercado, los Pescadores suelen reunirse en tomo a los muelles y en las posadas portuarias, donde sueñan con hacerse aventureros, marinos, exploradores... y por encima de todo, ricos. Muchos se conforman con soñar, pero hay algunos que emprenden una vida de aventuras en pos de sus ambiciones.

Fishing is difficult to regulate, in part because of its popularity among casual anglers, but also due to the inaccuracy of aquatic boundaries. Also, confiscated fish tend to spoil before they can be sold. Therefore, fishermen are not represented by guilds in the Old World, and this provides incentive enough for independent-minded folk to take up the profession. The closest thing to a fisherman’s guild is a “fishing collective” found in many Estalian towns. Its chief purpose is to match crewmen with boats each morning, but sometimes the collective also mediates disputes over contested waters.

Coastal fishermen are awake and dropping their nets long before the sun rises. By afternoon, they’re enjoying a pint of ale in the tavern, having sold their daily catch to dockside smoking houses and fishmongers. Inland fishermen tend to work independently, or with their families. In a typical river fishing family, the father and eldest son spend their day on the river, the women remain at market gutting and selling the catch, and the younger sons run back-and-forth delivering the wriggling fish. Lake fishermen employ a mixture of coastal and river techniques.

Strange Fish of the Old WorldEditar

In addition to the popular cod, salmon, carp, herring, trout and eel, hundreds of other strange fish populate the dark waters of the Old World. The following are a few examples:

  • Aaurati: An elusive fish that shimmers like gold beneath the waves. More than one man has allegedly drowned after mistaking an Aaurati for submerged treasure.
  • Augas: Has a third eye on top of its head for spotting predators.
  • Bromma: Flying fish, can rotate its head. Hides from predators by diving to the bottom and stirring up clouds of silt on the riverbed.
  • Congère: Bretonnian eel. Incredibly powerful for its small size. Can tear other fish apart with ease.
  • Gladius: Large, spear-headed fish. Can pierce the hulls of small boats if its young are endangered.
  • Mulus: Delicious fish, eaten only by nobles. Becomes multicoloured when it dies. Two-bearded Mulus is the tastiest variety.
  • Polypus: Large fish with strong, clawed arms. Can leap up and knock a man from his boat. Grips its prey and gnaws voraciously until sated, then discards the carrion.
  • Rhombus: Slow, obese fish with short hairs on its back. Settles into riverbeds downstream of cities and feeds on the sewage.
  • Sea Scorpion: Tiny fish with a scorpion tail. Kills small fish with poison and eats them. Stings large predators on the head to disorient them.
  • Tauras: Aggressive, horned fish. Mates fight to the death after spawning.



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