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"Es una pena que nuestros negocios tuviesen que terminar así. Podríamos haber trabajado juntos tan bien, sino hubieras... Oh, deja de gritar, apenas te he quitado todavía la mitad de tus dedos."
Señor del crimen anónimo

En casi todas las ciudades del Viejo Mundo existen una o más organizaciones criminales, como gremios de ladrones o de asesinos, Los señores del crimen son los dirigentes de estos grupos y suelen ser oponentes poderosos y peligrosos.

Para contarse entre sus filas hay que ser listo, ambicioso y completamente despiadados. La mayoría se abren camino desde el fondo, aprendiendo cada uno de los trucos sucios del manual durante su ascenso al poder. Los señores del crimen apenas pueden permitirse el lujo de la confianza. Son expertos en la evaluación tanto de personas como de situaciones para sacar de ella el máximo provecho.

Muchos señores del crimen se implican en la política local para aumentar su influencia.


A crime lord without a guild to command is no crime lord, but just a thug with pretensions. Of course, the fact that all but the dimmest of those he commands seeks his job is always on the crime lord’s mind. On the other hand, he needs to surround himself with the most competent rogues, scoundrels, and thugs he can find, or his guild will fall to some other, rival, guild. The constant tension between needing to have powerful subordinates – while making sure they are not too powerful – defines the crime lord’s life, and only those who can master the balance remain in this career for long

In all but the smallest cities there are multiple guilds – and while criminal organizations are, by nature, untrustworthy, naked self interest helps prevent all-out wars. Each guild, band, or gang will try to define its own territory or area of operation. The pickpockets of Old Bend District can co-exist with the burglars there, and both will work together against a new gang muscling in on their territory. At times, particularly cunning and powerful crime lords build vast underworld empires.

Every gang in the city swears fealty to them, often paying a “tax” from their earning. The tax sometimes goes to keep the guards and bailiffs well-bribed, but often it vanishes into the crime lord’s pockets. Such webs of control are short lived, unless there are more powerful forces behind the ”boss” – agents of Chaos, renegade wizards, and the like may be the power behind the shadowy throne.

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Crime lords often operate under many names and many aliases. A criminal who has lost his gang in one city may start up a new one a few leagues down the river, slightly disguised and possessing a new identity. The most cunning crime lords will sometimes take on two identities in the same city, using the second to find out who seeks to betray the first by posing as his own “rival.”

Often, crime lords and agents of the law, such as bailiffs, end up working together. Crime is unavoidable, but if the victims of crimes are primarily those who are enemies of the city’s rulers, the law can easily look the other way


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